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Stop the Mute Swan Massacre

Plans to kill up to 2,200 mute swans in New York state have been proposed and local campaigners are fighting hard to save the birds. Just as with the proposed – but thankfully abandoned – plans to shoot Canada Geese at Lake Windermere in 2012, the swans are blamed for being non-native and causing environmental damage. The truth is that swans have lived in the lower Hudson Valley since the 1800s and their negative impact on waterways is not backed by evidence, and – in any case – is dwarfed by the water pollution and other degradation caused by farming and other human-based activities. The swans comprise about one half of one per cent of the approximately 400,000 waterfowl in New York, all of whom eat aquatic vegetation. Killing swans will not contribute significantly to vegetation recovery.

Please email Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, and the State Department of Environmental Conservation to urge them to halt the planned cull of mute swans.

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