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Complain to the BBC about its promotion of shooting

Please write to the BBC to complain about its broadcasting of a pheasant shoot during Episode 3 of Tough Young Teachers (BBC 3, Jan 23). During the programme, a teacher from Harefield Academy, Middlesex, is filmed taking a pupil to a shoot where they walked through the fields beating the birds out of hiding and into the firing line. The day trip was organised by the school's Head of Science, Mr Huyser, referred to in the programme as a "crack shot".

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Sample letter:
During Episode 3 of Tough Young Teachers, teacher Nick from Harefield Academy is shown taking a pupil to a pheasant shoot. Several pheasants were filmed being shot and killed. I was shocked to see the BBC broadcast scenes of birds being killed for fun and their bodies draped over the shoulder of a child, as the adults rubbed their hands with satisfaction. I do not believe the BBC should have broadcast this footage. There are a great many ways of enjoying a day in the countryside without slaughtering animals. The BBC should have encouraged children to explore some of these.

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