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Monkeys brain-damaged and given ecstasy in 'disturbing' experiments

Animal Aid has condemned ‘profoundly disturbing’ experiments on marmoset monkeys, some of whom had already been used in similar studies. The experiments were performed in Canada but co-funded by a UK-based charity, the Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

More on the marmoset experiments co-funded by the Cure Parkison's Trust Take action on the Victims of Charity website Read an article about the experiments in The Mirror
Violet the sheep

Love Lambs This Easter

There are no creatures so universally loved as lambs. They are emblems of spring; symbolise innocence, purity and gentleness; and somehow encourage in us renewed hope for the future. And yet these beautiful animals, who we love to watch gambol and even pay to help feed during Easter holidays, are soon betrayed – taken from their mothers, fattened and sent to the slaughterhouse.

Samantha Chandler, the Secretary of the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA), has a small flock of rescued sheep.

Read the story of one of her feisty girls, named Violet. Watch a film of Violet and her friends Choose a cruelty-free diet this Easter
badger cub

Animal Aid’s Badger Battle Bus on Tour… and recruiting badger campaigners

Animal Aid’s Badger Battle Bus will be back in the cull zones over the next two weeks, recruiting campaigners and encouraging landowners to choose vaccination. Please come and see us, and help us hand out leaflets.

Moreabout the badger battle bus tour around the south west

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