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shooter with dead grouse

Growing backlash against the brutality and rural vandalism of grouse shoot owners

A new Animal Aid report charts the growing backlash against grouse shooting, and attacks the Tory-led coalition government for the way in which it has ‘increased the flow of public money in the moor owners’ direction while stripping away controls that could moderate their reckless excesses’.

More on Animal Aid's updated report, Calling the Shots 2014, which reveals that wealthy moorland shoot owners are receiving even more financial and regulatory encouragement to wreak havoc on sensitive moorland habitat Take action and write to Defra now
Say yes to CCTV in all slaughterhouses


Animal Aid has launched a powerful addition to our campaign for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses: a new film hosted on a dedicated website – The website outlines the support for the campaign from the public, animal protection groups, vets, supermarkets, the Food Standards Agency, UNISON and MPs, and calls for the public to sign a Number 10 petition.

More about our new website calling for mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses Visit the website now
cows in a barren field

Giving up meat is better for the environment than giving up your car, says new study

New research from the USA has found that cutting meat consumption would do more to reduce carbon emissions than getting rid of your car. The scientists behind the report singled out beef farming as being especially damaging to the environment and proposed cutting subsidies for meat production in order to reduce consumption.

Moreabout the environmental impacts of meat production

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