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farmed ducks

Spectre of bird flu returns to the UK

A case of bird flu has been identified at a duck-breeding farm in East Yorkshire. Whilst farmers and consumers selfishly worry about the impact on Christmas meat sales, Defra has ordered the culling of 6,000 ducks from the farm and has imposed a 10km (6 mile) exclusion zone around the farm. Animal Aid has grave concerns about the inevitable intense suffering and stress to the animals that will be caused by this large-scale, emergency slaughter.

More about the bird flu outbreak

Research charities must now swear pro-vivisection public oath

The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), the sector’s key representative body, has told its 133 members that, from November 20, they must publicly declare their support for vivisection if they wish to remain within its ranks. The move has been condemned as ‘outrageously authoritarian’ by national campaign group Animal Aid because of the way it denies research funders the right to exercise their independent judgement on a highly contentious issue.

More about the pro-vivisection pledge Read the article in the Independent Read the article in the Daily Mail
Vote for Animals

Vote for Animals

Animal Aid has today launched a new website to help people decide who best to vote for in the General Election in six months time.

This easy-to-use website examines the animal-friendly credentials of all current MPs, as well as listing party policies. Constituents can also contact their MP directly through the site and ask him or her to support key animal issues.

More about the Vote for Animals website Visit

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