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Badger Killing has Begun

The badger cull has resumed in Gloucestershire and Somerset, despite overwhelming public opposition, independent scientific evidence and the fact that last year’s culls were nothing short of a fiasco. Even the government’s own Independent Expert Panel concluded that the 2013 culls were both ineffective and inhumane.

More about the badger cull Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting Somerset Badger Patrol Somerset Against the Badger Cull Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare Hunt Saboteurs Association
pheasant who has lost some of his feathers due to pecking from cage mates

Take action against battery cages for 'gamebirds'

The focus of this year’s National Anti-Shooting Week (22 - 28 September) is our campaign to ban the battery cages that are used to incarcerate breeding pheasants and partridges. We view the abolition of these contraptions – known in industry circles as 'raised-laying cages' – as an important first step towards the end of all ‘sport’ shooting.

Get involved in National Anti-Shooting Week Write to your MP
Man pouring iced water over head

Say ‘No’ To Ice Bucket Challenge

Huge sums of money have been donated in recent weeks to motor neurone disease charities through the ice bucket challenge craze. Animal Aid is urging people to resist enriching these charities by dowsing themselves in iced water or challenging others to do so.

More about Animal Aid's opposition to the Ice Bucket Challenge Visit our Victims of Charity Website

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