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Monkeying around with human health - The cost to people of primate experiments

The government is gearing up to encourage a massively increased use of primates in experiments. Monkeying Around With Human Health shows that such an action would be a betrayal of human patients as well as of the animal victims.

"It is time the public knew that using monkeys is archaic and dangerous to human health. The abandonment of animal models is absolutely vital for medicine to advance." Ray Greek MD

Part 1: Introduction
Public rejection of primate experiments.

Part 2: Primate experiments
Drug testing, infestious disease research, brain research and neurological disorders.

Part 3: The campaign against primate experiments
Victory over Cambridge Primate Centre, second legal challenge, Oxford University undeterred, biohazard, and what you can do.

"I have yet to hear a sufficiently compelling scientific argument that justifies the suffering inflicted on primates in medical research." Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek, leading primatologist and BBC science presenter.

Written by Ray Greek MD and Kathy Archibald BSc, with additional information provided by Animal Aid.
First published by Animal Aid, May 2003. Revised edition June 2004.
ISBN: 0-9508990-9-7

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