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Mad Science

Animal Aid’s Mad Science Awards (AAMSAs) are handed out each year for pointless and grotesque scientific research. Award winners receive a diploma featuring the special AAMSA motif of a laboratory beagle stabbed with a scalpel.

Previous winners:

  • The Biology Department of University College London spun mice on a rotating rod for five minutes, stood them on hot plates, pinched their tails, surgically damaged their nerves, and from this concluded that genetically modified mice feel pain in much the same way as non-modified mice.
  • Oxford University researchers removed parts of the brain cortex of macaque monkeys to see what effect this would have on memory. In their conclusion, researchers saw the link between deliberately-damaged brain regions and the resulting impairment in the monkeys’ altered behaviour patterns.
  • St George’s Hospital Medical School, London induced vomiting in ferrets. The animals retched up to 85 times, vomited up to 10 times and endured gagging, mouth scratching, intense licking and ‘wet dog shaking’ episodes. All this was to locate the vomiting reflex in ferrets, but the relevance to humans was not explained.

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