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BARTERED LIVES - Appendix 3: Report form used by MarketWatch Monitors

To ensure consistency of reporting for the Bartered Lives report, all market monitors were supplied with a form comprising these standard questions.

This form is meant as a guideline for your report. Please feel free to add further details on a separate sheet of paper if you need to. If you don't witness any specific problems at the market, your general observations will still be very useful. It goes without saying that your report - whilst being frank and explicit - should be accurate and without exaggeration.

Name and address of market

Any other known details (who owns the site, name of auctioneer etc.)

Date of visit:

Time arrived at market:

Time left market:

  1. What type of animals were sold at the market?

  2. Approx. (rough estimate) how many animals were at the market?

    Pigs ___ Sheep ___ Cattle ___ Horses ___ Other ___

  3. Was there a Trading Standards Officer present for the whole of your visit?
    If not, please specify how long he/she was there.

  4. Was there a vet present for the whole of your visit?
    If not, please specify how long he/she was there. Please also indicate if this vet was a local commercial practitioner (LVI) or a State Veterinary Service vet, working for MAFF. See question 20.

  5. Did an RSPCA Inspector attend the market?

  6. Does the market run an official complaints/incidents book? Did you request to see the book and was the request granted?

  7. Did you make any official complaints, and if so what response did you receive?

  8. Did the animals have access to water? (please give details.)

  9. Did you see any animals looking unfit, injured or unwell? (please give details.)

  10. How long did animals have to wait at the market after being sold? If you are able to identify a particular batch of animals who had an unusually long stay at market, please give details:

  11. Please describe general conditions in the market:

  12. Please describe conditions in the animals' pens. Did the pens seem crowded? (If so, give details.)

  13. Please describe loading and unloading conditions, paying particular attention to ramps and how the animals are treated:

  14. Did you see any animals being handled aggressively? (Look especially for use of pointed sticks and electric goads.)

  15. Did you see any animals slipping or falling? (Please describe where and how often.)
  16. Were there any orphan lambs on sale? (Please give details of their treatment etc.)

  17. Were there any calves under the age of four weeks on sale?

  18. Please give details of any disturbing incidents which you witnessed at the market:

  19. How did the market authorities / people at the market react to your presence?

  20. MAFF has assured Animal Aid that 25% of all market sale days will be attended by an official State Veterinary Service Vet (one who works for MAFF, rather than a private local practice). When was the last inspection of the market that you are visiting by an SVS Vet and how many visits have there been since September 1998?

  21. What was your general opinion of the market?

  22. Were you able to take any photographs at the market? If so, please give details of photos:

  23. Any other comments: (Please feel free to be both specific and to offer your personal reaction to the market.)

The Bartered Lives report is supporter by undercover video footage.

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