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This Unsporting Life : Race horse deaths in British racing

The horse racing industry has always concealed from the public, and even from racing correspondents, the number of horses raced to death every year. In This Unsporting Life, Animal Aid has produced the most comprehensive survey of Thoroughbred race fatalities ever to have been made public.

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We say to the Jockey Club: it's time to come clean and let the public decide.

Part 1: Introduction

Among the best kept secrets in British sport is the scandalously high number of racing-age horses who die every year.

Part 2: Welfare

It is not uncommon to see two or three deaths in one day at courses around the country.

Part 3: National Hunt Racing

There is a formidable range of obstacles confronting animals racing over jumps.

Video: This Unsporting Life

This movie examines the reasons horses die in racing. Please watch it, then sign the online petition.

Researched, compiled and written by Dene Stansall. Edited by Andrew Tyler.
Published by Animal Aid, March 2005. ISBN: 0-9545115-8-1

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