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Election 2005

Animal Aid studied how MPs responded to the opportunity to endorse a series of statements of principle and calls for action known as Early Day Motions (EDMs). 15 EDMs were presented to MPs between August 2002 and January 2005 which were animal welfare related.

EDMs invariably attract cross-party support and sometimes the sentiments expressed run counter to the official party position of the MPs who sign them. The 15 covered in Animal Aid's survey urged action on issues such as animal experimentation, battery chicken farming, the use of snares, dolphin hunting and intensive pheasant breeding.

The EDMs:
EDM 7 Slaughter of companion animals for food in China
EDM 136 Welfare of animals
EDM 148 Animals in war memorial
EDM 385 Animal testing of drugs
EDM 388 Game birds
EDM 399 Dogs given as Christmas presents
EDM 435 Uncaged Campaigns
EDM 437 ITV and animal abuse
EDM 566 Japanese dolphin hunts
EDM 577 Cambridge University primate laboratory
EDM 585 Use of primates in research
EDM 858 Use of snares
EDM 1068 RSPCA campaign against all battery cages for laying hens
EDM 1578 Status of animals in the 21st century
EDM 1633 Welfare of greyhound racing dogs

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