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Few aspects of contemporary science are more obscene than the destruction of hundreds of thousands of animals every year simply so that their tissues can be used in research programmes, when an inexhaustible quantity of human material is currently being destroyed.

Unlike the nearly three million animals subjected to painful procedures under the 1986 Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, these 'body part animals' do not show up in any official statistics. They are science's forgotten victims.

Animal Aid condemns Medical Research Council

The MRC continues to waste public funds through its support of research involving the mass production of animals so that they can be killed for their body parts.

Human Tissue: the neglected resource

Human tissue produces more reliable results and without the suffering. Read our 1997 report into the use of human tissue in research.

Wasted Lives: the campaign for humane research

In 1991, Animal Aid launched a campaign to end the animal carnage and for researchers to make use, instead, of donated human tissue.

Humane research factfile

Vivisection is just one method of research. There are other methods available, which are better and more humane.

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