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Animal Aid's campaign against the reptile trade rolls on. Feedback from animal dealers and wildlife scientists alike reinforces our own findings - the reptile trade in the UK is in steady and steep decline.

Reptiles do not thrive in captivity - all that can be offered to them in an artificial environment is a basic life-support system which involves a finely controlled environment. The reptiles suffer very high levels of stress and we can estimate from US pet industry data that the majority die within a year.

Campaign history

Organisations join forces to fight exotic pet fairs (Aug 04)
Broxbourne Council to crackdown on reptile dealers (Jul 04)
Good news for reptiles as zoo proposal is scrapped (May 03)
Gloucester reptile exhibition slammed (May 03)
Help to crackdown on bird and reptile fairs (Mar 03)
Redditch council wins praise from animal groups (Feb 03)
Reptile fairs almost extinct (Dec 02)
Inland Revenue crack-down on illegal animal dealing (Oct 02)
Reptile breeders under investigation (Sep 02)
Reptile fair dies a death (Norwich) (Sep 02)
Animal dealers try it on again at Redditch (Sep 02)
Letter from Bradford MDC (Sep 02)
Animal Aid celebrate victory for reptiles (Walsall) (Apr 01)
Animal Aid celebrate victory for reptiles (Stockport) (Mar 01)
Animal Aid celebrates as World of Reptiles proposal is scrapped (Dec 00)
DIY store chain forced to end reptile sales after nine month Animal Aid campaign (Oct 00)
We turn up the heat (Sep 00)


The reptile pet trade (May 00)
Reptile related disease in humans (summary) (Jun 00)
Reptile related disease (full report) (Jun 00)

In October 2000, following a nine month campaign by Animal Aid, Focus/Petworld announced that it was to end the sale of reptiles in all its branches. For more about the Focus campaign click here.

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