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GREED AND EXCESS - A special report

So many pheasants are being factory-reared in order to satisfy a new breed of vain and boastful gunman, that millions of birds are going uneaten. The pro-shooting press itself has reported that some are buried in specially-dug holes in order to dispose of the embarrassing evidence of excess.

This is the wretched picture of modern 'sport shooting' in Britain, as described by several of the industry's own leading lobbyists.

Part 1: Introduction

Pheasant shooting industry leaders are forced to admit that greed and excess are tearing them apart.

Part 2: Quotations

A selection of recently publicised comments from the industry's own leading advocates.

Part 3: Theo Hopkins

One man's personal experience of the pheasant shooting industry - "it is time to have this wanton slaughter stopped".

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