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If you really care about animals, the best way you can help is to stop eating them! Each year in the UK alone approximately 1,000 million animals are farmed and killed for food - and that figure doesn't include fish.

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The average meat-eater consumes around 11,000 animals in their lifetime (including fish and shellfish). Think of all the lives YOU will save simply by turning vegetarian or vegan! As well as being more humane, an animal-free diet is healthy, environmentally friendly and a better way to use the world's precious resources. By cutting out animal products you'll be doing so much good - for animals, your health, the planet and for other people, too.

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Take the Great Vegan Challenge this November!

November is Vegan Month so why not try our 30-day vegan challenge? This is your chance to enjoy an animal-free diet, while we offer you all the support and information you need to make it successful and enjoyable.

Find out more and register!

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If you’re already veggie, why not consider going vegan? Our vegan campaign shows it’s not only animals bred for meat who suffer and illustrates just how easy it is to be vegan.

Read more about Going Vegan

Read our guide to going dairy-free

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Our secret filming inside British abattoirs has revealed terrible suffering and many potential breaches of animal welfare laws. Our investigations show that ‘humane slaughter’ is a myth.

Read more about the myth of humane slaughter.

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The Fishing Industry

Animal Aid’s new report, Dark Waters, examines the impact of eating fish on animal welfare, human health, and the environment.

Read more about the fishing industry.

Read the Dark Waters report

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