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Go Vegan!


Going vegan is good for you, good for animals, and good for the planet!

Switching from dairy products to cruelty-free alternatives is easier than you'd think. The range of dairy substitutes is growing rapidly and there are now vegan versions of milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt, custard, ice cream, margarine and many more food products.

Vegans have been shown to live longer, and have lower risk of heart disease, obesity and cancer than meat-eaters.

A varied and balanced plant-based diet provides all the nutrients you need, without the nasties like cholesterol and excess saturated fats.

Cows’ milk contains a cocktail of hormones, fat and traces of blood and pus from weeping, infected udders.

Dairy cows repeatedly have their babies taken away at one or two days old, so that the milk meant for them can be bottled up for human consumption. The calves are regarded by the farmers as a 'waste by-product' of the industry and many are shot or sent on punishing journeys to continental veal farms.

Around 95 per cent of food poisoning cases are caused by eating meat, eggs or dairy products. This is not surprising as animal diseases run rife in dirty, overcrowded factory farms.

Whether battery, barn, free range or organic, eating eggs isn’t a cruelty-free option. Each year, millions of day-old male chicks are killed, because they do not lay eggs and as such are considered useless.

A vegan diet is environmentally-friendly, using one fifth of the land used for a typical European omnivorous diet. The production of meat and dairy products has significant negative environmental consequences. It gobbles up land, drains water and wrecks the planet.

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