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fallen horse on race course

Bullet in the head for a long-haul horse

Our undercover investigators took photographs the racing industry does not want the public to see. They show Wigmore Hall moments after breaking his leg at Doncaster Racecourse, and then being shot in the head by a vet.

Screened off in order to be out of sight from the race-going public in the grandstands, Wigmore Hall's unceremonious death was brought about by a bullet from a silent pistol.

Moreabout the career and death of Wigmore Hall Read the article in the Mirror
Canada goose

United Utilities Calls off the Cull!

Campaign by Bird Lover and Animal Aid Successful

When bird lover David Kennedy discovered that Canada geese were being shot at Lingley Mere – a lake owned by Warrington-based United Utilities – he felt he had to speak out. David, who lives about 10 miles from Lingley Mere, knew that a proposed cull of geese at Lake Windermere had been halted when the local authority was persuaded to put into place non-lethal control plans, and he contacted United Utilities to urge them to do the same.

Moreabout the successful campaign to convince United Utilities to stop killing Canada geese
Great Vegan Challenge logo

The Great Vegan Challenge Is Back!

After the huge success of the last two years, The Great Vegan Challenge is returning for a third year! Since 2012, it has helped 1,700 people to try veganism, whilst providing them with all the support and advice they need to do it. If you'd like to try going animal-free this November, please sign-up for the Great Vegan Challenge via the link below.

More about the Great Vegan Challenge Sign-up for the Great Vegan Challenge today

Badger Killing has Begun

The badger cull has resumed in Gloucestershire and Somerset, despite overwhelming public opposition, independent scientific evidence and the fact that last year’s culls were nothing short of a fiasco. Even the government’s own Independent Expert Panel concluded that the 2013 culls were both ineffective and inhumane.

More about the badger cull Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting Somerset Badger Patrol Somerset Against the Badger Cull Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare Hunt Saboteurs Association
Karin cycling up l'Alpe d'Huez

Conquering the 21 bends of l'Alpe d'Huez

She's done it! Karin reached the top of the Alpe d'Huez, one of the finishing climbs of the Tour de France. Well done Karin and thank you to everyone who sponsored her.

Read what Karin had to say about the experience
pheasant who has lost some of his feathers due to pecking from cage mates

Take action against battery cages for 'gamebirds'

The focus of this year’s National Anti-Shooting Week (22 - 28 September) is our campaign to ban the battery cages that are used to incarcerate breeding pheasants and partridges. We view the abolition of these contraptions – known in industry circles as 'raised-laying cages' – as an important first step towards the end of all ‘sport’ shooting.

Get involved in National Anti-Shooting Week Write to your MP
cows in a barren field

Environmental impacts of animal farming spark continued controversy

New research published by Cambridge and Aberdeen universities has provided further evidence of the massive and growing environmental impacts of farming animals for food, sparking more debate on the issue.

More about the new report on animal farming and the environment Register for the Great Vegan Challenge
Man pouring iced water over head

Say ‘No’ To Ice Bucket Challenge

Huge sums of money have been donated in recent weeks to motor neurone disease charities through the ice bucket challenge craze. Animal Aid is urging people to resist enriching these charities by dowsing themselves in iced water or challenging others to do so.

More about Animal Aid's opposition to the Ice Bucket Challenge Visit our Victims of Charity Website
timid mouse

The ‘SOCPA Seven’

September 22 marks the start of a criminal trial in London’s Southwark Crown Court that, supporters of the seven defendants claim, amounts to a concerted attack on non-violent grass roots anti-vivisection campaigning. It is argued that peaceful protests against Europe’s largest animal testing lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences, have led to charges of criminal conspiracy ‘under laws created specifically to criminalise animal rights campaigning’.

More about the SOCPA Seven
pheasant wearing an anti-agression face mask

Ask your MP to support the battery cage ban!

We are asking MPs to pledge their support for a ban on the use of battery cages for the breeding of pheasants and partridges. These cages each hold one cock pheasant and eight to ten female pheasants for the whole of their productive lives.

More about our campaign for a ban on battery cages for breeding pheasants and partridges Write to your MP now

BBC documentary reveals health impacts of meat

Despite trying to remain impartial throughout, the first part of the BBC’s documentary ‘Horizon: Should I Eat Meat?’ (18 August) showed in no uncertain terms that current meat consumption levels in the UK are unhealthy, especially those of processed red meat such as bacon and sausages.

More about the documentary Horizon: Should I Eat Meat?

The Inglorious Twelfth

August 12th – the so-called Glorious Twelfth – marked the start of the four-month grouse shooting season. A new Animal Aid report, Calling the Shots 2014, is aimed at alerting the public to the truth about an activity that is based on extensive wildlife and environmental destruction. Burning is carried out to encourage the growth of fresh heather, on which the grouse are fattened-up for shooting. Roads are dug and car parks built for the visiting ‘guns’. Moorland wildlife perceived to threaten the birds is slaughtered.

More about the Glorious Twelfth and out-of-control grouse shoot owners Take action now
Royal Ascot logo

Royal Ascot Update – Death Toll Rises to Four

It has been announced today (7 August) that young filly Inchila has been destroyed after she was unable to recover from a fractured pelvis sustained during a race at Royal Ascot this year. This brings the 2014 Royal Meeting’s equine death toll to four.

More about the horse deaths at Royal Ascot
Pig in filth

Two farmers prosecuted for neglecting animals

A farmer in Yorkshire has been jailed for 16 weeks after 350 dead and dying animals were discovered at his farm, whilst another farmer in Wales has had his animals seized after they were found to be neglected and underfed.

More about the farmers prosecuted for neglecting animals

Insensitivity of primate researchers exposed by government committee

The Animals in Science Committee (ASC), which is responsible for advising the government on vivisection, has rejected several elements of a deeply disturbing government-commissioned report that downplayed the suffering of primates used in neuroscience research.

More about the report Read our response to the report

Home Office minister calls for an end to animal testing

Norman Baker, the minister responsible for regulating animal experiments in the UK, has called for an end to animal testing. Speaking to the BBC, he said that a ban ‘would not happen tomorrow’, but that he was working to persuade industry of the economic advantages to ending the practice.

More about the statement Read the article on the BBC website
shooter with dead grouse

Growing backlash against the brutality and rural vandalism of grouse shoot owners

A new Animal Aid report charts the growing backlash against grouse shooting, and attacks the Tory-led coalition government for the way in which it has ‘increased the flow of public money in the moor owners’ direction while stripping away controls that could moderate their reckless excesses’.

More on Animal Aid's updated report, Calling the Shots 2014, which reveals that wealthy moorland shoot owners are receiving even more financial and regulatory encouragement to wreak havoc on sensitive moorland habitat Take action and write to Defra now
Say yes to CCTV in all slaughterhouses


Animal Aid has launched a powerful addition to our campaign for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses: a new film hosted on a dedicated website – The website outlines the support for the campaign from the public, animal protection groups, vets, supermarkets, the Food Standards Agency, UNISON and MPs, and calls for the public to sign a Number 10 petition.

More about our new website calling for mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses Visit the website now
Raw chicken

Two-thirds of British chicken contaminated with campylobacter

An undercover investigation by The Guardian has revealed a string of appalling hygiene and biosecurity failures at slaughterhouses and factory farms that is fuelling the 280,000 cases of campylobacter food poisoning from chicken meat each year.

More about campylobacter contamination in British chicken Watch The Guardian's undercover investigation
cows in a barren field

Giving up meat is better for the environment than giving up your car, says new study

New research from the USA has found that cutting meat consumption would do more to reduce carbon emissions than getting rid of your car. The scientists behind the report singled out beef farming as being especially damaging to the environment and proposed cutting subsidies for meat production in order to reduce consumption.

Moreabout the environmental impacts of meat production
dogs die in hot cars

Keep animals cool in hot weather

With the recent arrival of hot weather, we should be reminded that animals suffer and die when temperatures rise. Dogs die very quickly in hot cars and they should not be left inside them even for very short periods. Opening a window a few inches is not sufficient.

It’s not just dogs who suffer in heatwaves. We offer advice on caring for rabbits, smaller animals and wildlife.

More about how to help animals in hot weather
Owen Paterson

Appeal for common sense from new Environment Minister

Owen Paterson’s time as Environment Minister was dominated by tribal allegiances to the farming and pro-hunting, pro-shooting countryside fraternity, which resulted in irrational and highly damaging policies, such as the disastrous badger cull. But with his sacking in the latest cabinet reshuffle comes the opportunity for a more rational, common sense approach to farming policy in the UK.

More about the change of Environment Minister
mouse being held in a gloved hand

Another increase in animal experiments: Government tries to airbrush GM animal suffering

The number of experiments conducted in British laboratories in 2013 was the highest in nearly 30 years, according to government statistics published today. The total of 4.12 million ‘procedures’ exceeded the 2012 figure by 11,600. The use of genetically modified (GM) mice once again dominated the Home Office’s (HO) annual figures, and the department’s strategy is a clear one: to suggest that little or no suffering is involved in this area of research because most of it involves benign breeding programmes.

Moreabout the 2013 animal research statistics and our analysis
badger cub

Culling badgers ‘won’t control bovine TB’

Computer modelling by the universities of Warwick and Cambridge has accurately reproduced the spread of bovine TB and the number of cases. Furthermore, the study, which has been published in Nature, has concluded that culling badgers will not control the disease.

More on the study into how to prevent the spread of bTB Read the BBC article
Nakd bars

Animal Aid Shop achieves high rating in Ethical Consumer survey

Animal Aid is proud to announce that our online shop has come third in an Ethical Consumer (EC) survey of 25 leading online ethical retailers, based on the sites most used by EC’s readers and web visitors. We were also nominated as a ‘Best Buy’.

Moreabout the Animal Aid Shop's high ethical rating Visit our highly acclaimed online shop

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