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Posted 28 November 2002
Crying primate

On the third day of the landmark public inquiry into the massive new primate centre proposal, Cambridge University's expert witness declared he was unable to answer questions relating to the scientific validity of the planned primate brain research.

Sir Keith Peters, Head of the Clinical Medical School at Cambridge University said he was not sufficiently expert in neuroscience to deal with detailed questions.

Jan Creamer, director of the NAVS, and Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said today:

"Given that the University has insisted from the start that they had a powerful case to justify use of monkeys for research into brain diseases, it is galling and shocking that they chose not to produce the star witness they promised all along.

"We have heard nothing more than vague reassurances that this lab is needed - the only thing that is certain is that monkeys will suffer and die in this facility. Neither the University workers, nor their supporters, appear to be prepared to make themselves accountable, or allow public scrutiny of their work."

The NAVS and Animal Aid are represented at the Public Inquiry in Cambridge by barrister Richard Wald.

Notes to Editors

  • Contact Andrew Tyler at Animal Aid on 01732 364546 and Sacha Bond at NAVS on 020 8563 0250.
  • For full background, click here. See also and
  • The NAVS has photographs, and video footage (Betacam SP) of the type of brain research on monkeys proposed at the new lab. Also video footage of a disturbed lab monkey, supplied to a UK lab by Cambridge University.
  • ISDN facilities available at both the NAVS and Animal Aid, for broadcast-quality interviews.
  • In 2001, 2.6 million experiments were conducted on animals in the UK.
  • Animal experiments are not currently included in Freedom of Information Act regulations; public scrutiny of applications project licences to use animals in research is currently against the law.

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