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Posted 15 July 2006

Meet at the Carfax Tower, Oxford at noon on Saturday 22nd July.

For further details, visit SPEAK's website

On Saturday 22nd July, there will be a day of remembrance for George. He was just one of many macaques who have suffered appallingly during brain and other experiments at the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University. George is said to have been taken from the wild, before being blinded by his captors, and dying alone, imprisoned in a small, barren cage.

Oxford University is currently constructing a new animal testing facility where many more animals like George will suffer and die. The stated objective is to seek answers to the problems of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. 'Animal models' of these and other human diseases will be used - a methodology that is now increasingly regarded as outdated, even within the research community.

While the British Government has pledged to support the Oxford laboratory using taxpayer's money, the European Commission has stated that no money from the EU will be forthcoming. Although they do not support the abolition of animal experiments, the EU remains committed to the 3Rs - reduction, refinement and replacement of animals in experiments - and this commitment led to their decision. The Labour Government, on the other hand, appears to have forgotten their pre-election commitment to reducing animal experiments and now backs vivisectors at every opportunity. It was even revealed recently that it accepts commissions from overseas to conduct weapons tests on animals at Porton Down.

The Oxford demonstration on July 22nd is a chance to remind the public that the millions of animals killed in laboratories every year are individuals and that they, like George, suffered appallingly at the hands of vivisectors. We don't need an increase in animal testing - we need to get rid of it, and replace it with progressive and effective science: species-specific research, which relies on human data instead of animal data.

Please support the SPEAK campaign and attend this vital demonstration.

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