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Primate Experiments in the UK: Shocking New Dossier Reveals The Painful Reality

Posted 27 February 2007

A shocking new dossier published on Monday 26th February reveals the painful reality of primate experiments in Britain. The dossier, compiled by Animal Aid, describes deliberate brain damage, invasive surgery, the implantation of devices into brains and eyes, ageing animals being incapacitated with debilitating drugs and animals being pickled alive. All but one of the experiments were conducted in the UK* and were published in 2006.

The brutal and distressing nature of the experiments in the dossier is expected to add weight to the increasingly powerful campaign to end all primate experiments across Europe.

Legislation to update welfare laws for animals in laboratories is underway. While Directive 86/609 will not bring about an end to all animal experiments, it does offer the possibility of a ban on the use of primates. Already, there is much public and political support for such a ban.

Last year, 150 MPs signed an Early Day Motion calling for an end to the use of primates “as a matter of urgency”. And in January, a Written Declaration in Brussels attracted support from almost 90 MEPs. Leading academics, scientists and 95 animal protection groups across the continent have also pledged to support the campaign.

Animal Aid Director, Andrew Tyler, says:

'Our new report describes the horrors to which monkeys are subjected, with the descriptions drawn directly from the researchers’ own published papers. These accounts of abuse and suffering make the strongest possible case for a ban on primate research. Hundreds of politicians, scientists, academics and animal protection groups and the general public across Europe would welcome such a ban.'

Leaflets detailing some of the experiments in this report can be ordered from Kate

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