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End Primate Experiments

Posted 29 May 2007

A Written Declaration (WD) calling for an end to the use of Great Apes (such as chimpanzees) and all wild-caught primates in experiments, and a phase-out of experiments on all primates has been launched in Strasbourg.

WD 40/2007 - initiated by Animal Defenders International - seeks to end the suffering of ten thousand primates who are used in experiments across Europe each year. Almost a third of them undergo ‘procedures’ in British laboratories, making Britain the ‘monkey-killing capital’ of Europe. Felix is just one example. Incarcerated inside a laboratory at Oxford University, Felix’s future looks bleak. Researchers are preparing him for a series of experiments on his brain.

Primates, like Felix, are poisoned to death in drug ‘safety’ tests and are deliberately brain-damaged during the study of neurological disorders. They are surgically mutilated, psychologically damaged and forcibly restrained. They have electrodes implanted in their heads, can be denied food and water, and are made to suffer appalling pain and stress during experiments, including retching and vomiting, uncontrollable diarrhoea and tremors.

You can help end the suffering. Please contact your MEPs today and urge them to support WD 40/2007.

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