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Felix Solidarity Day - 4 August 2007

Posted 2 August 2007

Felix is a macaque monkey imprisoned in a laboratory at Oxford University. He will probably have to undergo invasive surgery followed by a catalogue of experiments (many of which entail his confinement in a restraint chair) over the next few years.

SPEAK campaigns are holding a day of solidarity for Felix as part of their ongoing campaign to try to prevent the building of a new vivisection laboratory at Oxford University. The idea is for local campaigners to hold local events (such as leafleting or information stalls) in their area to publicise the plight of Felix (and ultimately, all animals in laboratories) as widely as possible. Click here to see if there is already an event being held in your area, and if there is not, please contact the group to let them know you are interested in joining in the day of solidarity.

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