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World Day for Laboratory Animals

Posted 18 April 2008

Every year on April 24th, compassionate people around the world speak out on behalf of the victims of vivisection. World Day for Laboratory Animals is a time to reflect upon the suffering of millions of mice, cats, monkeys, fish, rats, dogs, birds, rabbits, pigs, horses and many other species. Despite mounting evidence demonstrating that the information gained by using animals cannot be reliably applied to human medicine, the suffering continues, and both animals and people continue to die.

The UK conducts about 3 million ‘procedures’ on animals every year, which is more than any other EU country. They are poisoned to death in ‘safety’ tests and in disease research, they are surgically mutilated, blinded, burnt, starved, psychologically tormented and infected with lethal viruses.

Animal Aid campaigns to end all experiments on animals, and there are positive signs that things are beginning to change. A poll of British GPs found that more than 80 per cent are concerned about the reliability of animal research. In the European Parliament, a large majority of MEPs has called for an end to primate experiments. And in a move that is resonating in scientific circles around the world, leading US government agencies have declared that using animals to test the safety of drugs and chemicals is unreliable, expensive and slow. Their goal is to switch to modern, humane testing methods within ten years.

The British government must make a similar commitment and be forced by public pressure to be true to its word.

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