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'Mad scientists' to descend on Oxford

Posted 20 September 2004
Animal Aid's new booklet

In reaction to Oxford University's construction of a new animal research laboratory on South Parks Road, national campaigning organisation Animal Aid has produced a hard-hitting, factual booklet called Oxford University and animal experimentation: a catalogue of shame.

The booklet documents some of the most severe animal experiments recently carried out there. Highlighting the horror of this type of research, on Wednesday 22 September Animal Aid supporters will be riding around Oxford on tandem bicycles, dressed as boggly-eyed, mad scientists in blood-covered laboratory coats.

These 'experimenters' will ride past the town hall, the university Vice Chancellor's office, the student union and other locations, to hand in copies of the booklet.

The event will be a peaceful and satirical expression of a serious message.

Inside the proposed new facility, thousands of animals would be used in cruel and pointless experiments. One researcher recently revealed that troops of monkeys are to be housed there. A wealth of scientific evidence exists which proves that applying the results from such research to human beings can be unreliable and potentially fatal. Time and time again, people have suffered severe adverse reactions to drugs which appeared to be safe when tested on animals, while misleading data has diverted researchers away from finding cures and treatments for human disease.

Says Animal Aid scientific consultant, Andre Menache:

"Oxford University has earned itself a reputation for excellence as a seat of learning. Today, however, it is also synonymous with controversial animal experiments. These experiments are not about science or helping human beings through meaningful, rational research. They are about the search for grants, academic prestige and career development. If the university were truly interested in finding cures for human disease, it would invest in a state-of-the-art non-animal facility and focus on modern technologies instead."

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