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End Primate Experiments: a shocking new investigation

Posted 12 February 2009

Animal Defenders International (ADI) has just published a comprehensive new report, titled Primate Testing in Europe. The report – which includes evidence gathered from a year-long undercover investigation at the notorious contract research laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences – is accompanied by a DVD and exposes every aspect of the global primate trade across three continents.

ADI’s investigators travelled to Vietnam to film at Nafovanny – a company that supplies primates to Europe and the USA for experimentation. The conditions at the site are described as ‘deplorable’. In 2005, the UK Home Office announced that ‘its status as an approved centre would cease’ after ‘shortcomings’ were exposed. Despite not visiting the centre since that year, the Home Office has now given the green light for Nafovanny to continue to export monkeys – some of whom are captured in the wild – to be sent on arduous journeys to distant laboratories.

The trail is followed to Huntingdon Life Sciences, where groups of up to 60 monkeys arrive at a time. Footage of monkeys being forced to inhale noxious substances is deeply disturbing. Photographs of the primate unit are reminiscent of the worst kind of zoos – the type of which are no longer acceptable or legal in the UK.

As Europe debates whether to ban experiments on primates, ADI’s investigation is a timely reminder of the distressing reality of vivisection and the industries that supply animals to laboratories. And a call to all those who deplore such unnecessary and unethical experiments on our close kin to stand up and be counted.

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