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Anti-vivisection groups unite to urge MEPs: 'Don't Sell the Animals Short'

Posted 25 March 2009

These are absolutely critical days and weeks for the future of animal research right across Europe. Everyone who cares about suffering in labs must step forward now and make themselves heard.

The law governing animal research across Europe is now being updated. As part of their intensive, ongoing campaigning, six leading national anti-vivisection organisations have joined forces to urge key MEPs to vote for measures that would end laboratory secrecy and cruelty.

The six groups – Advocates for Animals, Animal Aid, Animal Defenders International, Dr Hadwen Trust, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Uncaged – have signed Open Letters to British MEPs who sit on the European Parliament’s Agricultural Committee. This is the body that is playing the central role in developing the new Directive. On March 31st, the Committee will vote on a series of proposals that will be key in determining the content of the final Directive.

Each of the groups recognises that the new Directive offers no realistic hope of ending all animal experiments – even though such experiments are cruel as well as scientifically unreliable – but they are determined to secure as many welfare gains as possible.

As the Directive has progressed through the Parliament, pro-vivisection industry lobbyists have brought enormous pressure to bear on MEPs, European Commission officials and Ministers at the Member State level. Their aim is to minimise regulation of animal experiments, which they portray as ‘unnecessary red tape’.

The six groups are asking MEPs to ‘stand firm’ and not bow to industry pressure.

Says Animal Aid Director, Andrew Tyler:

‘This is the first rewriting of the law governing vivisection across Europe in 23 years. All EU legislators have a solemn duty to support proposals that will put an end to the suffering of millions of animals in Europe’s research laboratories. Such experiments are scientifically unreliable as well as being cruel, and no amount of bluster by pro-vivisection lobbyists will change that fact. We are asking these key MEPs to heed the demands of the British public and to vote for a 21st century science that is modern and ethical.’

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