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Toxic waste - ending the use of non human primates in toxicity testing

Posted 11 October 2010

Today (Tuesday 12th October) marks the launch of a new campaign aimed at putting an end to poisoning tests in non human primates. The group Antidote Europe has teamed up with BBC wildlife presenter Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek and with Dr Ray Greek (president of Americans for Medical Advancement) to provide a compelling ethical and scientific argument against these experiments. The launch provides a stark reminder to the authorities that 82% of EU citizens demand that they uphold their duty to protect the rights of animals whatever the cost.

Says Dr Uhlenbroek: “We are told that toxicity tests are performed on non-human primates to safeguard human health, because of their similarity to us. However, by the same token we have a duty and an obligation to afford them special protection. Given that modern science has the means to obtain the required safety data without the use of animals, we must act immediately and decisively to end those animal experiments.”

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