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Posted 29 June 1999
  • The Animal Aid Mad Science Awards (AAMSA's) have been awarded every year since 1992 to researchers engaged in typically grotesque and ridiculous experiments.
  • While this year's winners have all conducted tests on cats and dogs, the animal research themes in recent years have been weapons, psychology, and drugs and alcohol.
  • In October 1998, Animal Aid published a report entitled Betrayed: the silent suffering of cats and dogs, which revealed the abusive treatment meted out to thousands of these animals every year in British laboratories. So horrific were the revelations, that a new round of investigations was conducted, resulting in the 1999 AAMSA winners.
  • Excerpts from the 1999 AAMSA Report.
"The cats were placed with their heads held in a frame over a treadmill - held by pins in their hips and clamps on their left back leg. Part of their brain was then removed, and the anaesthetic was discontinued... With the treadmill running to make the cats legs 'walk', the reaction to electrical impulses applied to a nerve from their foot was measured."

Research carried out at Newcastle University.

"The dogs were anaesthetised and their necks and chests cut open, and instruments were attached to them. Their blood was circulated out of their bodies and back in again, to allow blood pressure to be suddenly changed only in a part of their neck arteries...The authors state that their results suggest that a person bending down then suddenly standing up could experience dizziness and fainting... The experiments were funded by the British heart Foundation and the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research."

Research carried out at Leeds University.

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