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EDM calls for drug inquiry

Posted 1 March 2005
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Animal experiments will only cease when there is sufficient public and political pressure demanding abolition.

Another small but important opportunity arises with the tabling of a parliamentary statement of principle (known as an EDM - early day motion).

It was a parliamentary question by Michael Hancock MP that exposed the shocking fact that the Home Office has never investigated the relevance of animal testing with respect to human medicine.

EDM 385 now demands an independent inquiry. It is based in part on a survey of 500 GPs across the UK that revealed a high level of distrust in results obtained from animal experiments (The Scotsman, 1 September 2004).

EDM 385: Animal testing of drugs

"That this House expresses its concerns regarding the safeguarding of public health through data obtained from laboratory animals, particularly in light of large numbers of serious and fatal adverse drug reactions that were not predicted by animal studies; is surprised that the Government has not commissioned or evaluated any formal research on the efficacy of animal experiments, and has no plans to do so; and, in common with 83 per cent of general practitioners in a recent survey, calls upon the Government to facilitate an independent and transparent scientific evaluation of the use of animals as surrogate humans in drug safety testing and medical research."

What you can do:

Urge your local MP to sign this EDM. So far, over 50 MPs have signed.

To find out who your MP is, go to You can find out if your MP has signed EDM 385 at

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