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LONDON ASSEMBLY - Establishing a centre for non-animal research

Posted 1 March 2004

On the 19th March 2004 the Green Party Group on the London Assembly will be hosting a conference on 'Establishing London as a leading centre for non-animal medical research'. Animal Aid council member, Danny Bates, will be speaking at the conference. Please attend if you can.


Dr Ray Greek

The world's leading exponent of the consequences for human health of testing on animals and president of both Americans and Europeans For Medical Advancement. Dr Greek will deliver a talk on why animal testing does not work.

Dr Claude Reiss

A prolific and accomplished scientist Dr Claude Reiss is currently president of six organisations utilising non-animal medical research. He will talk about his research work into Alzheimer's, HIV and Parkinson's.

Dr Gill Langley

Scientific Adviser to the Dr Hadwen Trust, Gill Langley has led the campaign to establish a national centre to replace animal experiments in medical research and will speak on the progress that has been made so far.

Danny Bates

A member of the board of directors for Animal Aid, Danny Bates will speak on establishing London as a leading centre for non-animal medical research.


The conference will take place on 19th March 2004 from 2pm-4.30pm (to be followed by a drinks reception) at City Hall, The Queens Walk, London SE1 2AA. The conference is hosted by Noel Lynch, Green Party Member of the London Assembly.

Please attend the conference if you can.
Entry to the conference is by list only. To reserve your place on the list please call Orla Hurst on 020 7983 4411 or email

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