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Oxford lab plans under attack

Posted 1 May 2004
Primate in brain experiment. Photo credit: ISAV

Seemingly undeterred by Cambridge University's high-profile decision to drop plans to build a monkey laboratory, a planning application for a new animal testing facility at Oxford University has recently been discovered.

Media coverage reported that the new building would only be for housing animals and that no actual research would be carried out. Unfortunately, this is untrue.

Animal Aid has seen the planning application and it clearly states that the University is applying for permission for 'demolition of existing buildings and construction of research facilities' and for 'provision of research laboratories and specialist accommodation to support research groups in the adjacent Science Area'.

Campaigners for SPEAK (previously Stop Primate Experiments At Cambridge) say that they have information that the two universities have long been in discussion over the possible transfer to the new Oxford centre of some primate research originally planned for Cambridge. The fact that the new laboratory will apparently be linked by a high level walkway to the university's existing departments of Experimental Psychology and Zoology - both known for conducting primate experiments - backs up this suspicion.

Whether primates will be experimented upon or not, other animals almost certainly will be. Animal Aid will oppose the new centre by taking our case to the University authorities, exposing the cruelty and pointlessness of the proposed research, and helping to build public and political opposition.

We are urging Oxford University to make an ethical and scientific decision to abandon this project and instead channel valuable funds into a state-of-the-art non-animal research facility.

Please write polite letters to the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University, urging him to channel valuable funds and resources into a centre that focuses on humane and scientifically superior non-animal research.

Write to: Sir Colin Lucas, Vice Chancellor,
University of Oxford, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD

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