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Mad scientists descend on Oxford

Posted 1 October 2004
Mad scientists protest in Oxford

On the 22nd of September, we took our protest against the proposed new labs to the streets of Oxford, in a light-hearted stunt that attracted considerable media coverage.

Dressed in blood-splattered lab coats and thick-rimmed glasses with boggly-eyes on springs, 6 'mad scientists' congregated outside the Vice Chancellor's office in the hope of presenting him with our dossier on the University's research.

Rather unsurprisingly, as we attempted to enter via the revolving doors, a team of burly security guards ensured we were spun round and straight out again. Local TV news crews were there to capture the hilarity on film.

Undeterred by our inability to penetrate the university offices, we cycled off to the science buildings to distribute copies of our new booklet - Oxford University and animal experimentation: a catalogue of shame - to science students and tutors. Several hundred copies of the booklet were handed out and many people stopped to engage in conversation.

Students oppose animal experiments

The booklet documents some of the most severe animal experiments recently carried out there. Most students were unaware of the horrific experiments being carried out at their own university and, upon discovery, were completely opposed to the new centre going ahead.

Inside the proposed new facility, thousands of animals would be used in cruel and pointless experiments. One researcher recently revealed that troops of monkeys are to be housed there.

Mad scientists protest in Oxford

A wealth of scientific evidence exists which proves that applying the results from such research to human beings can be unreliable and potentially fatal. Time and time again, people have suffered severe adverse reactions to drugs which appeared to be safe when tested on animals, while misleading data has diverted researchers away from finding cures and treatments for human disease.

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