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Meat Industry's Propaganda for Young Minds

Posted 28 August 2007

The Year of Food and Farming is a government-supported exercise aimed at promoting a positive image of food production in Britain. It will carefully airbrush out the animal suffering, endemic disease, environmental destruction, economic inefficiencies and damage to human health that are integral to the meat, dairy and egg industries. Every child will be offered the opportunity to make a pre-planned visit to a carefully selected farm, and food production and farming will feature right across the school curriculum. Among the Year of Food and Farming’s key funding bodies are the Meat and Livestock Commission, the National Farmers Union, the English Beef and Lamb Executive, the British Pig Executive and the Milk Development Council.

To counter this well-heeled propaganda offensive, Animal Aid has launched its own Year of Food and Farming initiative. We intend to communicate to children and their teachers the truth about the forced breeding, rapid fattening, transportation and killing of 1,000 million animals every year in the UK.

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