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Bird Flu is Back

Posted 13 November 2007

Statement on the latest Avian Influenza outbreak from Animal Aid

Statements of shock and dismay will greet the announcement of another outbreak of avian influenza – this time in Diss, Norfolk. Now is the time for the public to wake up to the underlying causes of bird flu and the whole range of devastating diseases afflicting animal farming. Still on the news agenda are panic measures relating to foot and mouth, bluetongue and bovine TB. In the background are continuing worries about salmonella, E. coli, campylobacter and swine fever. The common theme? The callous mass production and ‘processing’ of millions of sentient animals.

It is naive to imagine that we can incarcerate animals inside crowded, filthy factory farms without them suffering a high level of infectious diseases. Turkeys are kept, from days after birth, in windowless sheds – thousands packed together, standing in their own filth. Many will die during the brief growing cycle, rotting where they fall. These animals never see the light of day or smell fresh air but are deprived of everything that makes life tolerable. Disease, broken bones and heart attacks are commonplace. Incredibly, poultry is still promoted as a healthy alternative to red meat. The reality is that anyone who eats the flesh of these unfortunate animals runs the risk of becoming ill as well.

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