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17-18 Poetry Winners

Posted 2 July 2008


Dear Diary...

By Alex Mills

Dear Diary...
I couldn't sleep last night,
Too many thoughts inside my head,
Swirling round.
I swayed from side to side instead,
Slowly, rhythmically, it's so relaxing,
And makes me feel safe.

Dear Diary...
Someone stopped and looked at me today,
I made them stop and thnk,
For a while.
It was a young one, as you might expect,
Not too bad as they go,
Seemed to understand me.

Dear Diary...
I feel daft writing this,
Ok, thinking it. I feel like a traitor,
Like them.
You can't trust any of them,
The others always say,
If only they knew.

Dear Diary...
The others don't think like me,
They don't seem to think much at all,
As far as I can tell.
All they want to do is eat,
It's sad but true,
Sometimes, I feel so powerless.

Dear Diary...
I don't sleep much nowadays,
There's scarcely the room to in here,
But when I do sleep, oh, the dreams I have.
Green grass, fresh air, a blazing sun,
Too joyous for words. I never want to wake up,
I always do.

Dear Diary...

I can't help thinking there must be something more to life,
Something better, something beyond this dark and lonely stall,
Is that so wrong?
The sty is restless today, the others are grunting,
I've never understood why they make that noise,
It's so human

Dear Diary...
I mustn't daydream for too long today,
The others have told me we're leaving,
We're going out!
I've never been out before, it's a dream come true,
I'll have to go now, but when we get back,
I'll tell you all about it...


The Sliding Blade

By Bethan Parker

Sliding blade,
Hot, burning, scolding flame.
I smell my own burning flesh,
Again and again.
Chickens have their beaks sliced off with a hot blade,
Yes, chickens do feel pain.

Never to see the sky,
Just sit and wait here till I die,
My own excrement is eroding my body,
My wings are smashed and crammed,
I'll never fly.
Chickens are forced into rows and rows of tiny cages and crates,
They are so squashed that they must sit on their own acidic waste.

I'm alone,
Distressed and confused,
Being forced to rapidly grow,
I only know a life of abuse.
PIgs have their tails cut off, and their teeth smashed in
The workers, who do it, just stand and grin,
Baby cows are separated from their mothers within 24 hours of being born,
Handled so roughly, skin constantly torn.

I am a boy, a tiny fluffy baby chicken, newly born,
I know my fate, thrown into the grinder,
Like a fragile and innocent, unwanted toy.
Others are never to walk
Crammed into a distressing, prison like cage,
Mad, confused,
Shrieking pain induced squawks.

I am a dairy cow, with a life as cruel,
that will end when I am barely one, it's far too soon
Electric machine hooked onto my swollen udder, metal clinks
Resulting in pus, blood and scabs, in the milk that everyone drinks.
Yes, the above is true, also this is a fact:
Cattle raised for beef, have their horns and testicles removed,
Without painkillers, now just imagine that.

I will be hoisted,
Held upside down,
Worker will slit my throat,
I will scream amd cry,
As he skins and cuts me to pieces.
Some animals are stunned if they are lucky,
Most often this is not the case, the line never stops because an animal is still alive,
Put it this way, it always gets mucky.

Please will you help me?
I wasn't born to be butchered, tortured or kicked,
I want the life that is rightfully mine,
A life free from all this.
Pigs are more intelligent than dogs,
And 3 year old children,
As this is the case,
Why to we kill them?

The meat and dairy that you eat,
No longer come from quaint country farms,
Intensive farming is how is now all takes place,
Animals' hell; buildings of human-induced harm.

Is it not wrong to eat something,
Which could once run away from you?
Like us, animals suffer, animals feel pain
And these facts are also true:

Veggies and vegans,
Live on average six to ten years more,
And are likely to get heart 50% less,
Than those fools who insanely bite... crunch...
And disgustingly devour that foul fatty flesh!


Who are we.....?

By Wei-Yun Chung

Who are we to ignore the rights of animals?
Who are we to say that they should suffer?
Who are we to deny a free and happy life?
Who are we to capitalise on their suffering?
Who are we to put such a low price on life?
Who are we to ignore this growing problem?

But we are the ones who must STOP it.

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