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Animal Aid Broiler Chickens Investigation Chosen By International Film Festival

Posted 20 November 2008

This weekend, Animal Aid's investigation into intensive chicken farming will be shown at the annual Beyond TV international film festival in Swansea. One of only 21 out of 346 entries to be chosen, the 8-minute film documents the short lives of broiler chickens killed for the meat industry at just 42 days old. It shows their shockingly quick change from lively chicks to bloated and virtually immobilised birds imprisoned in a dirty, overcrowded intensive broiler shed. The film shows Animal Aid staff removing six sick and ailing birds, who were afforded immediate veterinary care before being taken to a sanctuary to live out their lives in peace.

The footage is part of our broiler chicken investigation that took place in March of this year, aiming to highlight the extreme suffering chickens endure in factory farming establishments all across the country. Our four visits to the same 30,000 capacity unit revealed an overcrowded, unhealthy environment, with numerous dead birds on the shed floor and heaped into bins, victims of selective breeding techniques that manipulate them to grow at around twice their natural rate. By the end of their short lives, broiler chickens have only 0.5 square foot of floor space, and must push through other birds to reach food and water points. Many – as our film shows – do not make it.

The festival screening is taking place on Saturday 22nd November 2008, at Dylan Thomas Arts Centre, Swansea Marina, South Wales.

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