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Farm Staff Caught Abusing Ducks

Posted 8 February 2011

A recent undercover investigation by Hillside Animal Sanctuary and Sky News has revealed shocking, sadistic cruelty meted out to free-range ducks who were being caught for slaughter. Catchers were seen picking ducks up by their necks and swinging them back and forth - using them to herd the other ducks into crates. One was so badly injured by this treatment that the farm worker wrung her neck.

The secretly filmed footage was taken at Hall Farm in Hingham, Norfolk, which supplies Waitrose with a free-range, ‘high welfare’ product. In addition to the suffering inflicted by the catchers, investigators found sick, dead and decomposing birds amongst the living.

Animal Aid’s own investigations have shown time and time again that this suffering and needless cruelty is commonplace and indicative of the view that animals are commodities to be used and exploited for their flesh and by-products. Animal products are not essential for a healthy diet, so please eat with compassion by choosing non-animal products.

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