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Posted 28 October 1999

As the Anglo-French food war deepens, Animal Aid is today calling on the Ministry of Agriculture (MAFF) to end immediately the transportation of all live animals to France.

Animal rights campaigners are becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of animals during the present 'blockade' of British products by French farmers. To continue this vile trade at the best of times involves immense stress and suffering for the animals - to continue it under the present circumstances would be wanton cruelty on the part of the animal dealers, supported by the farming unions and the British Government.

Until the present dispute has been resolved, the animals are at risk and the public will be unforgiving if any misfortune befalls the animals after their arrival in France.

The live export of animals remains extremely unpopular with the British public, who have been shocked by previous scenes of French farmers burning live British sheep in their lorries and - in a separate incident - pouring liquid pesticide over other British animals so that they slowly died. Animal Aid fears that such horrific events could be repeated.

It is clear that the National Farmers Union and the equivalent Welsh and Scottish bodies cannot be relied upon to safeguard the welfare of their home-grown animals, given that they have repeatedly blocked any moves to end live exports.

Animal Aid is calling on its supporters to enact their own 'blockade' - this time of MAFF phone lines (0181 330 8105). The supporters are being urged to voice their concerns directly to the government department responsible for regulating the overseas trade in live animals.

* What has so far been overlooked in the furore about French farm animals being fed sewage and waste water from septic tanks containing human waste, is the impact upon the animals themselves of such material. It is offensive and demonstrates clearly a lack of respect for these animals that they should be fed such a repulsive diet.

Notes to Editors

  • It is estimated that 800,000 sheep will have been exported live to Continental Europe during 1999. The one remaining large-scale carrier is Farmers Ferry, a company set up by Welsh farmers after the ferry companies pulled out of live exports in the wake of massive public protests.

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