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The trouble with animal farming

Posted 9 January 2012

Animal Aid has produced a handy new guide in the Trouble With… series. The 16-page, A5 colour booklet focuses on animal farming, with succinct sections on breeding, confinement, disease, slaughter and ‘high welfare’ products. Also detailed are the mutilations to which animals are subjected. Chickens, for instance, are ‘debeaked’, and lambs and calves have their testicles removed, often without anaesthetic. Other revelations relate to the destruction, by the egg industry, of millions of newborn male chicks every year; and, by dairy farmers, of around 100,000 newborn male calves.

‘The days are long gone,’ says the booklet’s introduction, ‘when the animal farming industry could count on the public to consume meat, egg and milk products without questioning how they were produced.’

The Trouble With Animal Farming, which is available free on request, is a companion to The Trouble With Horse Racing and The Trouble With Shooting.

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