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Help stop plans to build chicken prison!

Posted 2 March 2012

An application to build an intensive egg farm that would imprison around 83,700 birds to a short life of suffering and illness has been submitted to North Kesteven District Council in Lincolnshire by Mr. David Bellamy of Greylees Ltd. Please take action now! Closing date for objections is 4th March 2012.

These intelligent, sociable and sentient birds will be crammed into wire cages inside a giant shed and will never feel the earth between their toes. Even with so-called new enriched cages, the extra space each hen will have is equivalent to the size of a postcard. They will not be able to spread their wings, forage, dust bathe, care for their young or feel the sun and wind on their faces. And they will be subject to de-beaking - a painful procedure in which up to half of the upper and sometimes also the lower part of the beak is sliced off using a red-hot blade when the hens are chicks. This causes chronic pain and further hampers attempts at natural behaviour. If this application goes ahead it could set a worrying precedent for future intensification of the UK animal farming industry.

Crowding animals into unnatural conditions provides the perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. These intensive systems of animal agriculture threaten both the global environment and public health. The stress from living in crowded conditions makes these animals more vulnerable to infection. Studies show that poor ventilation, high dust levels and overcrowding aid the spread of salmonella among chickens. One of the most common sources of human infection is eggs. Disease can also be spread to the wider community via many routes including through contaminated water, and even through farm workers and their families.

Please contact the council below with your objections and choose a vegan diet.

Planning application: 12/0092/FUL

Alan Oliver
Planning Services
North Kesteven District Council
Kesteven Street
NG34 7EF

Tel: 01529 414155
Fax: 01529 306402

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