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Farmers Responsible for Dairy Crisis

Posted 23 July 2012

Recent cuts in milk prices have made national news, and whilst farmers and celebrity chefs have been quick to blame supermarkets, much of the blame must also land at the feet of farmers themselves.

By sacrificing animal welfare in favour of increasingly intensive and so-called efficient farming practices, such as confining cows to sheds all year round and forcing them – through selective breeding – to produce unnaturally high quantities of milk, many farmers are driving down the cost of milk production to the detriment of the cows. In this push for ever-increasing competitiveness, they have the backing of the farming press and their unions.

With farmers threatening to stop supplying milk to supermarkets in protest, why not get ahead of the game and switch to dairy-free milks instead? They are highly nutritious, low in fat, and are not produced by an industry that drives down animal welfare in the pursuit of higher profits.

Click the links below to find out more about the dairy industry and how you can go dairy-free.

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