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Statements from Sainsbury's and Tesco regarding Animal Aid's Bedfordia Investigation

Posted 30 July 2013

In a press release issued on 30 July 2013 about animal suffering found on pig farms owned by Bedfordia Farms Ltd, Animal Aid stated that the company in quesion supplied meat to both Tesco and Sainsbury's. We made this assertion as it was claimed on Bedfordia's website that this was the case. This claim has now been removed, but an image of the original Bedfordia webpage can be seen here.

Since releasing this information, Animal Aid has been contacted by representatives of both Sainsbury's and Tesco who asked us to issue the following statements. The Sainsbury's spokesperson said: ‘Sainsbury's does not source from Arnoe Farm, Highfields Farm and Twinwood Pig Unit.’ and the Tesco spokesperson said: ‘Bedfordshire Farms ltd is not a supplier to Tesco and we do not source any pork from Arnoe Farm, Highfields Farm or Twinwood Pig Unit.’

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