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Posted 22 February 2001
Dead cow being thrown into truck

Animals are the first victims

The following statement has been issued by Animal Aid:

As Animal Aid launches Veggie Month, yet another crisis in farming tells us that there has never been a better time to go vegetarian. Whatever the specific cause of this outbreak, it is exacerbated and flourishes in intensive commercial systems. It is one more catastrophe coming in the wake of bovine TB, E coli 0157, campylobacter, salmonella, BSE and swine fever.

Our concern is the massive suffering of the animals who have contracted this devastating condition and the many more who will be hurriedly killed in farms around the country as a precautionary measure. The industry should be reminded that this disease outbreak is not the fault of the animals. The animals are the first victims. As a consequence, they deserve maximum consideration during this crisis as they suffer the painful burden of the disease itself and the process of being dispatched.

We are not convinced that consumers will be happy to eat meat or other products from an animal who may be full of foot and mouth disease. Given the assurances offered over the safety of beef, many people will be sceptical about current government statements.

And we see now the unsavoury spectacle of the farming industry scratching around for who to blame other than their own oppressive and unhygienic practices. They appear to be fixing on foreigners, as well as on wild animal species, when they should be questioning their own practices of forced insemination, unnaturally rapid growth, transport and slaughter.

Notes to Editors

  • The Veggie Month campaign is now in its 12th year. Every March, Animal Aid distributes free information to members of the public and to thousands of schools, health food shops, libraries and health centres across the UK. Animal Aid's Veggie Hotline will be operating throughout March, so that members of the public can request their free information pack. The Veggie Hotline number is 01732 354 032.
  • For further comments contact: Andrew Tyler, Kay Holder or Yvonne Taylor on 01732 364546.
  • View the full Veggie Month campaign online.

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