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FOOT AND MOUTH - Cull spreading CJD danger

Posted 21 March 2001

The following statement has been issued by Animal Aid:

Five million cattle have been killed and incinerated since the introduction in 1996 of the government's Over Thirty Month Scheme. Under that scheme, brought in to protect the human population from CJD, older cattle had to be incinerated at very high temperatures, far in excess of those currently being achieved in the funeral pyres of Cumbria and other counties.

Some of the cattle who have been killed and burned over the past few weeks have been aged over 30 months. These would have included many of the dairy cows, some bulls, and a number of animals who were already destined for slaughter but who have remained on farms under restrictions, thus just missing their 'eat-by' date. Over the coming months, to judge by the scale of the spread of foot and mouth, a large number of animals will fall into this category.

BSE/CJD presents a known and serious health risk to people. Should this not take precedence over the maintenance of an export market?

Animal Aid calls on the government to put the lives of UK citizens ahead of profit margins. It must tell the truth about what is happening around the country and the risks that are involved. And it must finally wake up to the fact that there is no future in animal farming. The costs are too great.

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