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FOOT AND MOUTH - Animal rights activists to demand NFU apology over foot & mouth

Posted 3 May 2001
Lamb and sausage

The following statement has been issued by Animal Aid:

Animal rights protesters will be calling on the London headquarters of the National Farmers' Union on Tuesday May 8, demanding an apology for the heavy price some of its members have inflicted upon millions of animals, and on the nation in general, as a result of the foot and mouth outbreak.

In media interviews, farmers have been blaming everyone but themselves for foot and mouth - and continue making extreme demands for financial compensation from taxpayers. But Tuesday's demonstration, organised by Animal Aid, the UK's largest animal rights group, will call to account those responsible for foot and mouth - the operators of modern ruthless and polluting systems of animal 'production'.

Scenes of animals being destroyed under the FMD emergency measures have distressed the public. Tuesday will also see the official launch of a five-minute Animal Aid shock video, which reveals the vicious way hundreds of millions of animals are 'processed' and slaughtered in the UK every year. The new video, called Choose Life - Go Veggie, will be taken onto the streets of central London so that the public can see what is usually concealed behind the closed doors of farms and slaughterhouses.

The London 'premiere' marks the start of a UK tour of Choose Life - Go Veggie, which features a haunting soundtrack donated by global music star, Moby.

Time: 12 noon, Tuesday 8th May.
Place: The London headquarters of the National Farmers' Union, 164 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2

Full background and an open letter to NFU president, Ben Gill, will be posted on Animal Aid's website on the day of the demo, at 9am, Tuesday 8th May.

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