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The Brutal Truth of the Horse Trade

Posted 10 January 2008

The horrific discovery on 4 January of 84 starving horses, ponies and donkeys amongst the rotting corpses of other animals who had starved to death, has highlighted the bloody trade in horsemeat in the UK.

The owner of Spindles Farm, Buckinghamshire, paid as little as £1 for equines destined to be slaughtered and their meat sold abroad. The majority of the surviving animals from Spindles Farm have been taken to sanctuaries where they will be rehabilitated.

Animal Aid’s exclusive undercover footage taken at Potter’s Abattoir in September 2007 graphically revealed the fate of horses, ponies and Thoroughbreds destined for slaughter. Many of these animals appear to be perfectly fit and healthy. The fundamental problem at the heart of the horse slaughter scandal that we uncovered is that these horses are bred to excess. They are produced for commercial reasons, by both the Thoroughbred racing industry and by those servicing the pet horse and pony market. When an animal is no longer useful, he or she is often simply disposed of. This is the fate of thousands of healthy horses and ponies every year.

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