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Grand National Meeting Kills Two More Horses

Posted 4 April 2008

The Grand National meeting maintained its record as a lethal event for Thoroughbreds when two horses were killed in a single race on the second day.

Time to Sell and In The High Grass died after horrific falls in the crowded 2 mile 5 furlong Topham Chase, which was completed by just 12 of the 29 horses entered.

Nine-year-old Time To Sell was having his 43rd race when he crashed to the ground and lay motionless after jumping the notorious 5ft 2in. high obstacle known as The Chair.

In The High Grass died after he hit the top of the eighth fence and turned a complete somersault. It was the 25th race for the seven-year-old and the third he had been entered into in just a month.

A BBC2 TV commentator noted that the riders had been running ‘headless’ – an acknowledgement that the race was being run at a recklessly fast pace, especially because of the large field, which made judging jumps particularly difficult for the horses.

Said Animal Aid Director Andrew Tyler:

‘Watching the Topham was a deeply upsetting experience, with horses crashing to the ground throughout the long and gruelling race. Many suffered appalling falls and the death toll could have been even higher. Depressingly, people have been conditioned to believe that this sickening spectacle is sporting, when, in reality, it is the abuse of animals for money and glory.’

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