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Sanctuary Not Cruelty - call to boycott Grand National and help rescued horses instead

Posted 5 April 2012

Animal Aid’s increasingly influential campaign against the Grand National is given fresh impetus this year with the launch of its Sanctuary Not Cruelty initiative. This asks the public to donate any money they might have bet on the cruel and punishing Aintree race, to sanctuaries that help rescued horses instead.

Animal Aid spokesperson Fiona Pereira explains:

‘Twenty horses have died on the Grand National course since 2000, and last year’s big race was particularly brutal. Many people were disgusted by the sickening spectacle of two horse deaths, and also by witnessing the exhausted winning horse, Ballabriggs, being whipped to the finishing line. Some punters even sent their winnings from the race to Animal Aid.

‘So, this year we are asking the public to remember how they felt about the 2011 race and to donate their usual “flutter” to our two specially selected sanctuaries, both of which require funding to rescue horses in need – including ex-race horses. As well as individuals, we hope that company sweepstakes will support our initiative.

‘Helping horses in their retirement is particularly important. It’s one of horse racing’s darkest secrets that many thoroughbreds face neglect or are slaughtered for meat when their racing careers are over or they are deemed financially unviable.’

The two horse rescue centres set to benefit from Sanctuary Without Cruelty are Hope Pastures Sanctuary, based near Leeds in West Yorkshire, and Hillside Animal Sanctuary, near Cromer in Norfolk.

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