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Vote 'No' for Jockey McCoy as Sports Personality of the Year

Posted 5 December 2013

BBC Television routinely downplayed the deaths of horses during racing events that it broadcast, so it is no surprise that it has once again shortlisted jockey AP McCoy for Sports Personality of the Year, despite the large number of horses who have died under him on racecourses.

Since Animal Aid launched its Race Horse Deathwatch database in March 2007, at least 25 horses ridden by McCoy on British racecourses died during or soon after the race.

Had the public known the rate at which McCoy’s mounts are perishing, it is quite likely, Animal Aid maintains, that he wouldn’t have been voted Sports Personality of the Year in 2010.

In fact, McCoy’s attrition rate is not out of step with commercial racing in general. On average, according to the Professional Jockeys Association, one horse dies for every 200 ‘starts’.* Given this background, Animal Aid is calling on its supporters to demand that the national broadcaster never again shortlists a commercial jockey for the award.

Says Animal Aid’s Director, Andrew Tyler:

‘The winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year should be an individual young people can be inspired by and look up to - not a representative of a thoroughly unsporting industry that exploits horses throughout their racing “careers” and fails properly to support them when their racing days are over.’

People can cast their vote for Sports Personality of 2013 by phone or online during a live television programme on December 15.

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* Sunday Times 27 May 2012

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