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Alexei Sayle’s New Film Comes to Liverpool

Posted 20 July 2007

Date: Monday 30 July
Time: 10am - 5pm
Location: Williamson Square, Liverpool

Alexei Sayle stars in Animal Aid’s new film - 10 Ways to Transform Your World - a short, easy-to-digest guide to making this world a better place for all its inhabitants. Legendary comedian, writer and commentator, Alexei is well known for his support of political causes. An outspoken critic of vivisection, his filmed message of compassion towards animals, people and the planet will be shown in Williamson Square throughout the day on 30 July.

Filmed in his home alongside his adopted cat, Tiger, Alexei advocates adopting animals from rescue shelters (rather than propping up the pet shop trade), investing ethically, and buying organic and fair trade. He also gently chides his audience to ‘recycle, recycle, recycle!

The film is the centrepiece of Animal Aid’s 30th anniversary celebratory Transform Your World tour - a mobile interactive exhibition for the whole family, depicting 10 easy changes that people can make to their lives. As the largest UK animal rights group, Animal Aid hails its 30th year with the film and tour, which will travel all over the UK.

Everyone is invited to come along, free of charge, to see the film and the exhibition.

Other personalities who join Alexei in the film are Sean Hughes, Ann Widdecombe MP, Wendy Turner-Webster, Caroline Lucas MEP and Benjamin Zephaniah.

The idea behind the film’, says Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid Campaigner, ‘is that if everyone does something positive, the cumulative effect would be tremendous. We all have choices about how we live our lives, and adopting a compassionate lifestyle can benefit animals, other people, and, of course, our planet.

Alexei and Benjamin get the final say, which hammers home the message of the film - ‘You don’t have to cruel, to be cool’.

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