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New Year's Resolution

Posted 23 December 2008

Happy New Year!

Whilst you're enjoying a little seasonal indulgence this festive period, why not consider spreading the goodwill further by going veggie? Perhaps make it one of your New Year's resolutions - it's the perfect time for making a fresh start, and taking steps towards a happier, healthier, better you - and there's no easier way of doing that than by going veggie! Not only will you benefit, so will the animals and the environment.

These 5 good reasons to go veggie should give you some food for thought:

Reason 1

Vegetarians have been shown to live longer than people who consume meat. This is because they have a lower risk of life threatening illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes and some cancers.They also tend to be slimmer! Look after your health by cutting out animal products entirely.

Reason 2

With contaminated meat and numerous diseases of the animal farming industry in the news nearly every other day, there couldn't be a better time to go veggie. And it's not just the animals who suffer. People can catch diseases through contact with sick farmed animals or by eating their diseased flesh.

Reason 3

The average meat-eater will consume as many as 5,000 animals in his or her lifetime, not including fish. Most will have been reared in the filth and squalor of a factory farm. All will have died violently at the slaughterhouse. Go veggie and help stop the suffering.

Reason 4

A varied and balanced plant-based diet provides all the nutrients you need to keep healthy, with none of the nasties found in meat, like saturated fat and cholesterol.

Reason 5

Going veggie is also much better for the planet. A report by a lead United Nations agency declared that animal farming is responsible for 18 per cent of all global greenhouse gas emissions - more than all road, rail and air travel combined. Animal farming also has other significant environmental consequences, like using up vast amounts of land and water, and causing mass pollution.

Going veggie is so much easier than you may think. You won’t have to stop eating out with your friends, you’ll still be able to shop in your local supermarket - and you’ll be doing a great thing for your health, for the animals, and the planet.

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Already veggie?

If you’re already veggie, that’s great! Why not take another step towards a cruelty-free lifestyle by going vegan? If you’ve already made the veggie step, this will be even easier. Just about every food made from dairy products or eggs has a cruelty-free alternative. Most supermarkets stock a wide variety of animal-free foods, and your local health food shop will usually have an excellent selection, too. So why not give it a go?

Here are some reminders of why dumping dairy & eggs is definitely the way to go:

Reason 1

Dairy cows repeatedly have their babies taken away at one or two days-old, so that the milk meant for them can be consumed by humans. Most of the male calves - who are regarded as worthless by-products of the dairy industry - are either shot or sent on punishing journeys to continental veal farms. Please don’t turn a blind eye to the suffering of cattle.

Milk from other animals such as sheep and goats is not a humane alternative, as it is produced in a similar way to cows’ milk.

Reason 2

Far from being ‘the white stuff’, cows' milk contains a cocktail of hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, fat and droplets of blood and pus from weeping, infected udders. You’ll be horrified by the facts about milk.

Reason 3

Whether battery, barn, free range or organic, eating eggs is not a cruelty-free option. Each year, millions of day-old male chicks are killed, often gassed or minced alive, labeled ‘useless’ by the industry because they can’t lay eggs. Their life goes from shell to hell.

A vegan diet is even better for the planet than a veggie diet. It uses up far fewer resources, so could also increase our capacity to feed the world's human population.

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And if you have any questions or worries about going veggie or vegan, Animal Aid is here to help!

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