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Posted 1 March 2000
Millennium Dome cartoon

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, Friends of the Earth director Charles Secrett and Heather James - the woman who helped lead the fight to close down the UK's last establishment breeding cats for vivisection - will be among the speakers at this month's Living Without Cruelty 2000 Exhibition.

Organised by campaign group Animal Aid, Living Without Cruelty 2000 is about everything the government's Millennium Dome ignores: environmental responsibility, human rights, fair trade and animal protection.

A key feature of the exhibition will be the spectacular Millennium Maze, which will be raising some of the most important dilemmas facing humanity in the 21st century. Maze trekkers will be taken through a banana plantation to the rainforest, past the fairtrade chocolate shop to a refugee house and a display celebrating wildlife. They can navigate a minefield, meet a giant radioactive lobster in the nuclear nightmare, or a genetically engineered half-human, half-beast minotaur in the food production zone.

The exhibition also features films, a special music concert, cookery demos, educational workshops and more than 50 stands taken by leading ethical organisations and businesses including Oxfam, World Development Movement, Friends of the Earth, Campaign Against the Arms Trade,The Fairtrade Foundation, Born Free and a host of animal protection groups.

Says Living Without Cruelty Exhibition director Mark Gold:

"The Millennium Dome - among whose sponsors are the UK's two largest arms manufacturers - aspires to nothing of real meaning... and hits its target. Animal Aid's Living Without Cruelty exhibition is committed to generating enthusiasm for a more peaceful and compassionate future. Visitors are promised both an inspiring and fulfilling day out."

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